Steam Boiler

Capacities up to 1000 Kg/hr.

Fuel: Light Oil / Heavy Oil / Natural Gas / LPG / Bio Gas / Coke Oven Gas/ Pyrolysis Gas & allied

SOT offers Fully Automatic Coil Type Boilers to generate instant steam. It consists of Double Helical Coil, made out of Carbon Steel. Conventional design of three pass is used effectively to get best heat transfer efficiency. The pump injects water in the helical coil & Burner fires vertically downward in the chamber made from the Coil. After complete Combustion, the gases pass through suitably designed passage in between two coils & then through third pass of coil & inner shell. Heat is recovered by Air passing through inner & outer shells, thus providing preheated air for combustion. This improves upon Combustion efficiency. Aluminum radiator placed between the shells eliminates the heat loss to atmosphere, thus eliminating the external insulation.

As per standard practice, we offer water preheater with the boiler. The same is placed in the exit steam of flue gas. Thus water fed to the boiler is also preheated for higher Thermal efficiency. All boilers are backed by proven track record of SOT Fully Automatic Pressure Jet Burners. SOT Boilers are available in Gas &/or Light/Heavy Fuel oils. However, boilers below 300 kg/hr are not recommended with Furnace Oil as fuel. Boilers are mounted on skid platform, prewired and assembled, ready to install. The unit shall be commissioned, immediately after Fuel line & Power supply is connected to the system.